Olive Tree
Historically, a symbol of peace, and prosperity in Greece. It was regarded as a gift from Gods in many civilizations. Fertility was another one of Olive tree’s attributes. It symbolized strength, victory, resistance. It is a symbol of wisdom and light, wealth and prosperity. Hippocrates prescribed olive oil for many ailments, thus the s symbol of health, longevity. In Italy, Olive tree is a symbol of tradition and immortality, some trees dating back 3500 years.
For Celts – a symbol of balance.
Palestinian Olive Trees – a universal symbol of life and peace – have been systematically destroyed by Israelis. For the last 40 years over 800,000 Olive trees have been destroyed in Palestinian lands. Palestinians plant about 10,000 new Olive trees in the West Bank every year. ‘ It is a symbol of being steadfast on the land.’ (Mohammed Ali Taha).
Olea Europaea is a tree of great beauty. It is a symbol of life, peace, hope, wisdom and victory.  Resistance and Resilience.
The entire background is hand dyed silk of Sun light greens, with gold border of silk. The tree itself is of hand dyed hand spun wool, little tiny silk leaves gently move in a breeze.
Tree of Eternity.

GardenViews (2)

Hummingbirds in a garden

Mushroom Forest


Oak Tree

Majestic Fir Trees
The Celts recognized the Fir’s ability to outlive most other trees, thus a symbol of endurance, determination, resilience and longevity. They also noticed that Fir cones would open to the rays of Sun, and close again against impending rain. The meaning of perception.
Group together – a symbol of friendship. The Fir trees evergreen nature signifies hope, renewal, promise in the minds of the long, dark winter months.

Autumn Light




Hare Jumping over the Moon


Discovery Passage

The Flow
Here is Water. The basis of Life with origins in Spirit. It runs through the world, infusing all of nature with the bubbling energy of chaos transforming into order.
Then to rest in underlying stillness:
Awaiting its return to the Source.
The ray of Nature, colours, and the diversity of its shapes are a true gift to us all.  The inspiration for the landscape comes from the forest and water which I am surround by daily.
The tapestry itself is created of hand dyed silks and hand dyed hand spun wool.
Rejoicing and Being.
Beauty of Life.
Permanently installed at Eaton Arrowsmith School, campus of University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada .

Sea of Cortes
Water contains all the mysterious unknown.
The Ocean is the beginning of life on Earth.
In bloom, with its blossoms and perfumes.
In Bloom.

Misty Isles

Layers Of Earth.
Lady Slipper

Pear Tree – Harvest Time
Mushroom Forest.
Poppies are in full bloom late spring to early summer.
Bees use poppies as a pollen source.
It is suggested that wild poppy was domesticated between 6000 and 3500 BC in Western and Central Europe.
In ancient Greece, poppies were strongly associated with Morpheus, the god of sleep and dreams. They also had a connection with Demeter, the goddess of agriculture.
Ocean Cove.
Mt.Baker Views.
Iris Triptych.

Blooming Garden

Yggdrasil, from Old Norse, a mythical tree, is centre to the Cosmos and considered very holy. The branches of the ancient tree reach far into the heavens. Three strong roots reach other directions.
Wild Grassy Seaweed
Snowy Mountain.
Iris Rainbow.
Bridge …………….
Colours of Summer
Misty Isles.
Green Mountain.
Cherry Blossoms.
My Sister’s Garden.
Wedding Day.
Patterns of Nature.
Spring Garden.