Abrupt Transition – Glomeruli
Tiny tufts of capillaries which carry blood within the kidneys. The blood is filtered by the glomeruli. The blood then continues through the circulatory system, but a certain amount of fluid and specific waste products are filtered out of the blood, to be removed from the body in the form of urine.
This piece was exhibited in a Vancouver Art Gallery  Рa group show Рinspired by Forensic Science in our life.
All hand stitched. Wool yarn on a silk background with hand painted linen at the lower part of a piece. Microscopic view of glomeruli.
Sweet Ride
A stunning combination of delicate Japanese silk and raw hemp. Abstract 3D copper pieces have been added together with moss green coloured bamboo.Patterns of Nature. Beauty of Life. Joy of Ride.
A very unique combination of Japanese silk with cherry blossoms and raw burlap.


The Childhood memories
The little European homes with their whimsical shapes and colours. The little linen houses with their roofs slightly rising from the burlap background. It is a combination of butter yellow, chocolate brown and pastel blue colours.