Bread Bags

The best way to store your bread is in linen, linen cloth or linen bags .

I create these practical and beautifully embroidered linen bags. Linen keeps your bread, and other baked goods fresh, crisp, and smelling good. Linen is microbial, it keeps your bread in the best condition.

So, these linen bags are about 11 x 18 in and they are all embroidered, yes, natural colour linen with Bordeaux red colour embroidery. I create them as time permits. And I do keep up with all the requests and special orders for these and more.

There are several choices of embroidery:

  • garden herbs
  • old fashion bee hive ‘skep’
  • a schooner
  • a small school of fish

Offered at $ 25 CAD each bag plus postage or free local pick up.

Apron -Pinafore

The name reflects that the apron – pinafore was formerly pinned (pin) to the front (afore) of a dress or a shirt. No buttons.

A sleeveless garment worn as an apron, may be worn as decorative as well as a protective apron, open in the back.

There are in assortment of colours, all 100% linen or 100% hand block cotton print.

Offered at $75 CAD each. Plus postage or free local pick up.

……… would you like one in a certain colour, just let me know …

Cook, bake, garden, grill, paint or do any other activities around the house – this cross back apron will accompany you and your adventure. Ideal for your kitchen, patio, studio, cafe, restaurant, park, play, shop or ………

Functional and stylish, washed for softness, with one front pocket & easy to put on. Durable, absorbent, easy to care for, wash by hand or machine. Available in various colours of linen or hand block cotton. Each pinafore has a lovely hidden tag Cortes, Crust & Crumb (on the inside of a shoulder strap).

One size fits most, about 90-100cm in length from shoulder to the bottom hem. (It can be shorten to suit your needs – at no charge).