Dragonflies are honoured in many cultures. They represent change, self-realization and understanding of the deeper meaning of life. They remind us that we are light and can reflect the light in powerful ways if we choose to do so. They represent awareness and gratitude of inner and outer beauty, and ability to share it modestly with the world. In Ireland and parts of Europe, they are associated with fairies, tales that evoke images of magic.
The dragonfly’s wings have been created using silk fusion, hand dyed, stitch and embroidered by me.  It is a very creative process that I cherish, as it transports me into a different realm. Their iridescence, their beauty fascinate me throughout the summer season .



Ice Cream Day – Dragonflies
Hot summer days and ice cream afternoons.


Shimmering Grass
Ever so gentle movement and shimmer of grass stems and dragonflies.


Green Maples .
Flight and play within Nature.


Golden Days.
The long “golden” days of summer. Hot and still. Light breeze.


Sunny Lake.
The smooth ripples of a lake lit in Sun.  Bright and pleasant afternoons.

DragonfliesGrassMeadow Dance.
Our meadow turns very green, lush and splendid in the spring time and the beginning of the summer time. New life and fresh movement.


Flower Dance.
Ever so graceful.

Iridescent Lights.
The colours are exquisite.


 Copper Hues


Water Lilies

Silk Fusion
I use several different techniques working with fibre, one of them being SILK FUSION.
The silk fibre is obtained from silk cocoons that are not suitable for making reeled yarn and “the waste” left behind the reeling process. This silk is degummed, washed, so all the natural, gummy sericin is removed. Carding and combing leave the fibre full of lustre, soft and shimmery. The silk fibres are gently separated and layered out next to each other. A textile medium is used to bond the fibres together into a fabric. The silk fibres to be used can be white or dyed before the fusion.