Salmon Pacific
$ 750 Can.
14 x 25.5 in ( 36 x 64 cm).
Ocean colours of silk, blues, soft, pastel blues catching light and its Pacific Salmon. All hand dyed and hand created of pure silk and merino wool.
The Native Salmon Symbol symbolizes abundance, fertility, prosperity and renewal. There are five species of Pacific salmon: chinook, coho, sockeye, pink, chum. They differ in size, appearance and feeding habits, but they all hatch in fresh water, mature in the ocean, and return to their place of birth to spawn and die. This cycle of life is celebrated and respected by all Northwest coast cultures. As a sign of respect, salmon bones are returned to the water. The spirits will then rise, allowing the life cycle to begin again.
Movement of water and its life.
Standing in Light
$ 1,200 Can.
37 x 38 in ( 94 x 97 cm)
‘In all things of Nature there is something of the marvellous.’  Aristotle
‘There is no blue without yellow and without orange. ‘ Vincent van Gogh
The symbolism of Light all across the cultures connects us with consciousness, wisdom, purity, intelligence, love, beauty.
The tree itself is slightly rising of its silk background –  a warm blend of Gold yellow and orange with turquoise blue colours. All hand dyed. 

Earth in Blossoms
$ 1,275 Can.
35 x 35 in (89 x 89 cm)
‘ Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit. ‘ Kahlil Gibran
‘ The Earth laughs in flowers. ‘ Ralf Waldo Emerson
Earth is the only planet whose English name does not derive from Greek/Roman mythology. The name derives from Old English and Germanic. In Roman mythology, the Goddess of the Earth was Tellus – the fertile soil. (Greek: Gaia, Terra mater – Mother Earth).
71% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water.
All silk and merino wool. Hand dyed, hand spun. The bright colours of blues and greenness, and pure white blossoms  – all growing and blossoming on Earth.
Four Seasons
$1800 Can.
20.5 x 43 in (52 x 110 cm) each panel
Seasons are an integral part of life on Earth.
Le Printemps (Spring) – The Earth reawakens and explodes with new life. It is the time of renewal, rejuvenation and seeds sowing. The first blossoms begin to appear, slowly the fruit trees come into bloom, there is the arrival of birds and their songs.
L’ Ete (Summer) – There is the presence of Sun that nourishes us and sustains life on Earth. It is time of light, joy, vitality. There is a smell of freshly cut grass, the abundance of fruit and berries.
L’ Autumne (Autumn) – The last harvest comes and the time of gratefulness for all the bounty we have been given. The ever changing colours of this season arrive with its reds, oranges, yellows. There are the fist cool winds announcing their presence.
L’ Hiver (Winter) – Life is still, silent, dormant. Calm and quiet. It is a time of introversion, contemplation and clarification. There are cool snowy days with many shades of grey and white and silver.
Hand dyed silk of rich seasonal colours, surrounded with cream colour linen border. All trees, slightly rising of its background are created of hand dyed and hand spun curly wool locks.

Luna Hare
$ 750 Can.
27 x 34 in (68 x 86 cm)
Hare jumping across the Full Moon. The Moon and the Hare go back to the ancient times. The hare is an emblem of many lunar goddesses such as Hecate, Freyja, and Holda. There are many stories that talk of women who can shape-change into Hares by Moonlight.
In fact, the Hare is the symbol for the Moon.
All silk and wool of incredibly vibrant shades of aqua and turquoise, a touch of golden thread. All hand stitched.
Ever so magical.


Discover Passage
$ 550 Can.
12 x 28 in (30 x 71 cm)

Hand dyed silk of ocean, water and sky blue shades with soft pastel green and browns of trees and islands. Hand spun wool of honey colour for a majestic tree.

The Discovery Passage is a body of sea located between Vancouver Island and Quadra Island in the Discovery Islands of British Columbia. The channel links Johnstone Strait to the north with the Strait of Georgia to the south.
The passage, which is 14 miles (25 km) long and approximately 1.2 miles (2 km) wide on average, is an important shipping route that forms part of the Inside Passage between Alaska in the north and Washington state and British Columbia in the south.
The Discovery Islands are part of the chain of 6,000 islands that shelter the British Columbia coastline between Washington and Alaska. Located between Campbell River and the mainland of British Columbia, the Discovery Islands dot the intricate waterways in some of the most spectacular scenery in the world.
The wealth of the salmon fishery in Discovery Passage between Campbell River and Quadra Island is legendary.
$255 Can.
28.5 in x 26.5 in (72 x 67 cm)
Labyrinths have been around for over 4000 years and are found in many traditions in the world. The time with the labyrinth might be used for receiving, reflecting, meditating, praying, as well as discovering our own sacred inner space.
Labyrinths are truly sacred places. The design itself is inherently powerful.
Mushroom Honey Flow
$ 750 Can.
13 x 29 in (33 x 74 cm)
Mushrooms grow in all colours, shapes and sizes. They have been used by many cultures throughout time as part of ritual and religion, you might find some that are conducive to magical practice. Going for a walk in the woods on a summer or autumn day, one will see fungi galore popping up, nestled in amongst the ferns and trees. After a rainstorm, peeking out in the yard and one may see tiny spores beginning to sprout in the grass, forming what’s known as a fairy ring.
Honey Flow – being a bee keeper, and honey the liquid gold, the colours of the silk background are honey brown, warm and delicious.
A hand loomed silk of Florence, Italy, borders this tapestry. The silk velvet 3D mushrooms of rich Bordeaux red are rising of the sculpted silk surroundings.  All hand stitched.

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